Designing in the Achaea environment has been something I’ve done on and off for years now, back to 2007. For the most part, I only ever did it for myself and for friends. I liked what I could come up with, and so did the people who asked me to design for them, so I kept doing it for a while. For a time, I stopped altogether, due to wanting to focus on other aspects of the game.

Recently, with the encouragement of friends and those who have commissioned designs from me, I have decided to resume this practice. Additionally, I now make my services available to any public parties which are interested. All commissions are handled in a general OOC sense, in order to preserve the nature of the agreement and ensure people who want custom designs can get them without having to be aligned to a certain faction.

This site will serve as a collective of all my designs, including past work, for any interested in seeing examples. Commissions are accepted at the following rates:

– Items: 10 credits

– Personal Descriptions: 5 credits

– Rooms: 10 credits

– Loyals: 15 credits.

In light of the cost of adding reactions to any of the above, I will come up with custom reactions for no additional charge for those that request it. Additionally, all of my work features my stamp by default (a miniscule wolf paw), which can be removed for 1 credit per item.

Those interested may message me IG or use the Contact form  on this site.

– Kresslack