Kitiara Wings

Short: a pair of molted, black wings

Dropped: Loose feathers drifting in the breeze, a pair of molted wings flutters lifelessly here on the ground.


Roughly six foot in expanse, black and crimson feathers coat the frame of these skeletal wings, bones revealed where significant plumage has been lost. Each ruffle and each breeze result is a slow and steady shedding of feather and fluff, raining softly down, where each feather catches fire and burns to ash before touching the ground. Shimmering lightly between the network of hinged bones and rotting feathers is a barely visible skein of magic, imbuing the device with longevity and holding it together. A set of obsidian, claw-like appendages protrude shortly from the expanse, looking eager to latch firmly onto a pair of shoulders.


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