Kitiara Shield

Short: an obsidian escarbuncle shield with bone accents

Dropped: Propped up nearby, a ominous looking shield gleams faintly, whispering to be reclaimed.


Blackened steel has been hammered relentlessly into a large, circular parma shield, covered in soot and polished with ash. Set into the center of the shield, the boss has been carved of polished obsidian to resemble a face twisted in agony. Each movement of the shield sends light playing over the face, causing it to seemingly twist and contort into new expressions of pain and suffering. Eight long rods of carved bone splay evenly out from the face, runes engraved into the face and painted with blood, forming an escarbuncle. Along the rim of the shield, several evenly spaced notches have been cut into the thick steel, resembling a saw-blade and offering the utility of catching and twisting blades free from the grip of attackers. On the inside of the shield, then planks of ironwood have been formed to into the backing, offering reinforcement. Anchored into the wooden base is an obsidian handle, wrapped in leather, as well as an adjustable leather strap, offering a secure and dependable grip.


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