Dogwar Execution Painting

A vast room with a high, domed ceiling holds a crowd, gathered in front of an ornate golden throne
resting upon a raised dais. Shadows encompass the back reaches of the room behind the throne,
dancing away from the touch of the light shed by enormous chandeliers hung from ancient, thick
chains. Upon the first step of the dais, the Dowager Montagenet rests on bended knee, her head
lowered with a knowing smile as she offers her neck, the crown of Ashtan resting firmly upon her
head. Looming above her stands the Executioner, hands wrapped tightly about the handle of his large
axe as it hangs seemingly suspended in the air above the Dowager. While his face is hooded, a sense
of confusion and anguish can be seen in his eyes as he glances down at the noble woman before him in
the final moments of her life. Around the dais are gathered the various peoples of Ashtan, soldiers,
elders, philosophers and wide eyed youth. At the fore of the group stands Archon Isis, giving the
order for execution, while closer to the throne stands the Demiurge Amunet, arms crossed defiantly
in front of her as she witnesses the execution with a sneer. Sitting regally upon the throne itself
can be seen a soft shimmer of ghostly light in the semblance of a young woman, a barely discernible
smile of satisfaction upon her lips as she witnesses the culling of the last noble. Barely
noticeable in the bottom, right corner can be seen a small, black wolf paw print, carefully
inscribed into a marble floor tile. A half quill emblem is discretely imprinted in the lower right
corner, marking this to be a work from the Lord Bard’s Commune.

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