Reclaiming the Infernal Forge – Painting

Crammed within the confined quarters of the forge, two factions face off in a fierce contest for
control before the Infernal Forge. Bodies pile high upon the blackened, metal platform as pennants
snap fitfully in the wind overhead. A scene of ritualistic slaughter, the deadly dance unfolds as
sword clashes upon shield and waves of magic erupt explosively. A wall of bodies, some Mhaldorian
and some Ashtani, pile up to form a wall blocking off entrance from the Royal Blacksmith as the
battle rages desperately for control over the forge room. Rising out of the ground towards the back
of the Ashtani defenders can be seen the hulking form and dreadful visage of the daemon Mhaldorous,
snatching hold of the nearest defender and rending them limb from limb. Members of the Steel Bastion
can be seen in the midst of the fray as the defenders of Ashtan press a vicious and desperate
counter-attack, seeking to hold the forge at all costs. Flanking the Ashtani from the other side, a
stocky dwarf smashes into a line of shields with his massive, two-handed hammer. Surveying the
slaughter from the skies, Lord Phaestus reaches down His massive hand to reclaim the Infernal Forge,
leaving in its wake a bare metal slab, slick with blood and piled high with corpses from both sides.
Barely noticeable in the bottom, right corner can be seen a small, black wolf paw print, carefully
inscribed into a marble floor tile. A half quill emblem is discretely imprinted in the lower right
corner, marking this to be a work from the Lord Bard’s Commune.
It weighs about 3 pounds and 0 ounce(s).
It bears the distinctive mark of Calanthris, an art critic (a denizen).

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