Odhrin Bow

Short:  an onyx bow inset with rubies
Crafted of a single vein of onyx, this bow runs an impressive five feet in length, the ends curved outward and capped in high grade silver. The face of the bow is broad and smooth with masterfully cut rubies set firmly in place within the very onyx. In the middle of the bow, a handle has been fashioned of thick leather, molded to provide a comfortable fit for the wielder’s hand. Sweeping back from the face of the bow, the rest of the onyx has been meticulously carved to resemble wings of great detail. Fashioned from a high grade of silver above the handle, an arrow rest resembles the beak of a large Saker falcon, open to issue valiant war-cry. Protruding from the right side of the bow are two silver talons, spaced about a foot apart and positioned so as the talons can hold a few spare arrows. The unblemished surface of the bow and the gems inset catch and reflect each bit of light as it plays across the length of the weapon.
Dropped:  A magnificent bow has been dropped here, shimmering brightly.

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