Kresslack Crossbow

Short: a Blackrock crossbow
Dropped: A rugged crossbow lies abandoned here.
Constructed of dense petrified wood, the stock of this hefty crossbow  has been ornately carved into the likeness of a charging, snarling wolf. A groove has been cut into the top, awaiting a projectile to be loaded and dispatched from the mouth of the wolf. A lath of fine silver is set crossways across the stock, seemingly bridled to the snout of the wolf while the ends of the lath are chiseled to resemble the heads of serpents which grasp the ends of oiled string. A gilded, silver guard-plate protects the trigger mechanism from accidentally discharging the weapon, while a small clasp affixed to the center of the string allows the weapon to be reloaded quickly and with ease. A blade protrudes from the front of the weapon, coated lightly in an indistinguishable red substance.

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