Khensu Amulet

Appearance: a Chagut amulet of protection
Dropped: A peculiar amulet has been tossed aside here.
Thick coarse Chagut hair has been carefully braided into a sturdy length of necklace. A large amulet made out of high grade silver hangs down from the necklace by a small clasp, the purity of the silver apparent as the light reflects from its surface. An impressive sapphire has been cut and smoothed down into the shape of a curved teardrop and set deeply into the amulet on the top left side. Carefully set next to the sapphire, an exquisitely cut ruby has been perfectly matched in shape and reversed to fit tightly against the inside edge of the sapphire. The craftsmanship and skillful positioning of these gems are noticeably recognized in the gems being a perfect fit for each other, the two coming together to make a complete circle. What seem ordinary gems reveal intriguing qualities upon close inspection. The gems appear to have been enscrolled to depict stunningly realistic qualities which flare to life with each movement. The surface of the sapphire ripples gently as if depicting a calm ocean, while the ruby shifts and dances with the impression of vivid flames. Upon the back of the amulet a series of unrecognizable runes have been engraved into the fine silver in a spiral pattern that starts around the edge of the amulet and slowly condenses to the centre, possibly to bring protection to the wearer. A small wolf print has been cleverly imprinted into the middle of the spiral.

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