Isis Bracelet

Appearance: a golden dragon tooth bracelet
Dropped: Glinting softly, a gold and silver bracelet lies here forgotten.
Fine leather has been carefully cut into a strip about an inch thick and a half-inch wide, coloured a deep blood red and lightly layered in oil to resist the elements. Silver of the purest quality has been forged into thin narrow wires that wind around the strip of red hued leather in an interwoven pattern, a small ring hanging in the middle of the bracelet at the end of which is linked a fairly large dragons tooth, its golden flecks sparkling in any small light as it dangles from the small ring. Skillfully engraved into the leather is a scene of a tall dark skinned woman thundering across a plain upon a huge horse, silver hair streaming as she rides under the protective shadow of a great golden dragon. A barely noticeable wolf paw has been stamped into the inside of the leather band.

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