Isis Bow

Short: a deep red bow of subtle shadows
Dropped: A deep red bow has been left here, writhing with shadows
Examined: Smooth, deep red meteoric alloy has been expertly shaped and refined into a recurve bow of considerable potential. Along the top face, a relief portrays a mighty Chaghut stallion thundering across the Daoric Plains, head held high as he leads his herd onward. On the opposite side of the cedar, hare skin padded grip is a scene depicted of battle in which a might Chaghut stallion proudly carrying a fierce female warrior and leading a group of warriors into battle. In the center face of the grip, the symbol of the Chaghut Crown has been burned into the wood. Thick, finely braided hair from a Chaghut stallion make up the surprisingly strong bowstring that has been oiled down to prevent fraying. Shadows flicker and writhe across the length of the bow, making the carvings on it glimmer to life as they play out their noble scenes.

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