Ice Wyvern

Name: Tarasque
Short: an ice wyvern
Long: An ice wyvern is here, eyes flashing menacingly.
Extended: Standing nearby emanating a deep chill, this wyvern seems to radiate blasts of cold air as it slowly flexes its wings , shifting its weight between its two legs, talons flexing testily. At the end of its long, sinewy neck rests a massive head, two large horns protruding forth from its thick skull, and once smaller one from the back. Eyes that look like shimmering sapphires glint as the light glances across them, bringing notice to the long, sharp teeth that jut out from its snout. Wide, leathery wings stretch out from its shoulders in the place of arms, and a long tails swishes and thumps the ground irritably, the spikes on the end of it gouging the ground and freezing it wherever it strikes.
Enter: With a snarl and an cold glare, and ice wyvern enters from the $DIR.
Leave: Wings flexing and sending an icy gust forth, an ice wyvern leaves to the $DIR.
Death: Horns broken and wings tattered, the corpse of an ice wyvern lies here, defeated .

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