Daslin Ring

Short: a polished band of black iron

Dropped: Gleaming mysteriously, a black iron band has been lost here.


Having been wrested from the mines, rough hematite ore has been skillfully refined and cast into a thick, polished band of black iron. In an impressive display of ingenuity and craftsmanship, the large band has been crafted to include a smaller band of gleaming white gold which wraps around the middle, allowing it to be turned. Runes have been engraved into the middle band and the two flanking sections of the ring, filled in with gold and waiting to be properly aligned. A mysteriously strong presence exudes from the metal, alluringly whispering promises of power.

Reaction to TURN RING

1st person: Lining the inner runes up with their outer counterparts, you gasp as the roar of a bear thunders in your head, rejuvenating you and filling you with vigour.

3rd person: Turning the inner portion of a polished band of black iron, $Person stands straighter, eyes gleaming with rejuvenation.


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