Daslin Baldric

Short: a finely tooled baldric of black leather

Dropped: Tossed aside, a black leather baldric collects dust here.


Fine Tomaculan leather has been dyed black, meticulously tooled and crafted into a sturdy looped baldric. Designed to be slung over the shoulder, it features a large, blackened iron buckle which holds the strap together, with a range of holes punched through the thick leather to offer an adjustable fit. Promising a secure fit against the waist for any weapon, a large bear paw has been masterfully carved and woodburned out of dark mahogany and affixed to the leather device. A section of deep, black bear fur has been attached onto the opposite end with durable gutcord stitching, ensuring a comfortable fit and easy bearing of weight. The gleam of freshly applied oil affirms this baldric will neither crack nor stiffen under regular use and exposure. Along the back, two small loops have been affixed to the top and bottom ends, allowing versatility in how a weapon is carried. A miniscule wolf paw has been stamped into the top of the iron buckle.


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