Aodfionn Sword

Short: a gilded greatsword
Dropped: Impaling the earth, an enormous sword has been grounded here.
Honed meticulously to a razor-edge, this magnificent sword appears to have been forged of bronzed steel, burnished to magnificent shine. Roughly two hands widths wide and tapering only slightly to a gleaming point, this massive glaive features a cylindrical hilt of corrugated steel, affording a secure grip under even the slickest of conditions. Set firmly into the pommel is a large, multifaceted amber gem, glowing brightly with each ray of light that dances across the blade. The gilded crossguard has been etched to resemble the first rays of a rising sun, fanning out towards the reinforced fuller which has been expertly embossed into the detailed image of an ancient tree, stretching nearly the full length of the blade.

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