Aodfionn Shield

Short: a luminescent tower shield
Dropped: Gleaming mysteriously, a gargantuan shield has been abandoned here.
Wide ashwood planks have been set together and banded in thick iron, forming a sturdy scutum of monstrous proportions. Easily the size of a full grown man, this monumental shield has obviously been specially crafted for an individual of enormous size, allowing protection from neck to knee of even the heftiest of mortals. The surface has been crafted to easily deflect blows, exhibiting a curved, cylindrical surface. In contrast to the light gray of the wood, blackened iron has been wrought into the semblance of a large tree, the nearly barren branches of which snake sinuously to the sides and top. Set into the wood, behind the wrought iron is a pattern of fractured amber, catching and exuding light behind the twisting branches so that it appears a bright sun flares ceaselessly. The interior of the shield has been lined with thin, oiled leather, and two thick, adjustable leather straps have been affixed to allow it to be secured firmly to a forearm.

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